Acar’Up and Ewopharma join the fight against dust mite allergy by launching ExAller®


Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 23.10.2020 - An illness ranked fourth worldwide in terms of the number of sufferers, allergies are constantly changing while the number of people affected is steadily rising. In Europe, 150 million people are allergic*, and dust mites are most likely the main source of allergies**.
Scientific and clinical studies show that the ExAller® solution safely and effectively removes 99%*** of dust mites from mattresses, carpets, bedding, upholstery and more. The result? Dramatic relief from dust mite allergy symptoms and a remarkable increase of patient’s quality of life.

A unique and innovative mode of action
The allergic reaction to dust mites is the immune system’s response to the excrement and carcasses of mites, called an allergen. ExAller’s unique mode of action reproduces the olfactory signal (aggregation pheromones) that dust mites use to gather in groups. When sprayed on a cotton sheet spread over the mattress, the 100%-natural solution draws dust mites present in the mattress (or any other piece of furniture or object) into the fibres of the sheet. Once trapped in the sheet, the dust mites can be eliminated later in a warm washing machine cycle (60°C). For more details please check:

Ewopharma and Acar’Up Consumer Health have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for ExAller® which will be commercialized by Ewopharma in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia as of autumn 2020 and exclusively available in pharmacies without prescription.

Mrs Anita Mattle, Director Marketing and Consumer Health, Ewopharma Group, says : «It is exciting to begin a promising partnership with Acar'Up Consumer Health and together make ExAller® available to patients and healthcare providers to fight allergic symptoms as well as to reduce the quantity of dust mites, as a complementary treatment - in parallel with a medicinal and/or immune treatment in case of severe allergy.»

Mr Benjamin Tillier, CEO, Acar'Up Consumer Health ads : «I am proud of this partnership with a company as professional, established and solid as Ewopharma. I am convinced that their expertise in this medical area as well as their strong connections to Central Eastern European healthcare professionals will enable our ExAller® solution to help relieving the allergic symptoms of tens of thousands of new patients in the years to come.»